Sloppy Toes

Another plant-based translation of an old family favorite.

Cooking time: 25 mins; feeds 4 adults


1 lb package of organic firm or extra-firm Tofu (note that most packages are 14 oz)

1 package CookSimple Sloppy Joes mix

sloppy_toes_potatoes_2048x1536Cooking Instructions

Drain Tofu well and press between 2 cookie sheets to remove as much moisture as possible. You need ~5 lbs of weight on top of the cookie sheets. We use a crock pot that we keep on the counter.

Follow the instructions on the mix and get it simmering. Crumble the Tofu into the pan to approximate the texture of cooked ground beef. Simmer for 25 mins on medium-low heat per package instructions.

Serve with a helping of Lea’s Roasted Potatoes or your favorite side-dish.


It is a must to carefully read the label of any packaged product you use. We chose this one because it has relatively low sodium content and we believe it has fairly healthy ingredients. Although we wonder about Preserved Balsamic Vinegar and Rice Concentrate. YMMV.

Also, we have read various studies that suggest that non-fermented soy products are harmful to brain function. Tofu is not something we eat on a regular basis, but it does help us keep the meat out of our diet.

It is terrific how Tofu picks up the flavors of whatever it is put with. And it is a real joy with which to work. Just be careful.

The Name

My lovely wife Lea came up with the name of this dish. Way to go, dear!


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